Hiking in Sicily, A World Apart

Hiking in Sicily:  A World Apart

A mountainous island, Sicily is separated from the mainland by the Straits of Messina, perched virtually on the toe of Italy’s boot. Culturally there is an even wider gap between Italy and its semiautonomous island, Sicily, which feels a world apart.  The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a land of beauty, mystery, and world-class monuments. Sicilia straddles a crossroads in the Mediterranean, part of Europe and Africa yet belonging to neither.

Hiking Cinque Terre and Tuscany

We’ll be based in the classic Renaissance, Tuscan town of Lucca for the first leg of the trip, where we’ll have a chance to visit both this beautiful city and the surrounding countryside.  Lucca is a graceful little city known for its oval square, intact walls, churches, historic buildings and the 14th century Guinigi Tower with amazing 360 degree views of the town.  It is also known for the operas of Puccini, its most famous son.  This car-free gem invites exploration of the maze of ancient streets and alleyways, or a walk on top of its five kilometer long city walls.  After visiting Lucca